5 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are The Perfect Group Activity

It still amazes us when we get newbies to our escape rooms here at AdventureRooms Dublin. Although we have been in central Dublin since 2015, escape rooms have been around for much longer than that. Many of our new customers tell us that they had never even heard of any escape rooms, but now that they have played one, they will want to continue to play more and more escape games, which is great for us to hear! So whatever the occassion, whether it is a team building event, a hen or stag party, or a family day out, here are some reasons why our escape games in Dublin are just the thing for you and your team:

1) You will talk about the room for hours afterwards

If you are just starting out your special occassion day with a group of friends and need a great ice breaker, this is the ideal way to spend an hour. This is especially great if you have a scenario where maybe all participants don’t know each other very well at first, for example a hen/stag party or office team building event. You’ll see for yourself! Once the game is over and you are gathered over food and drinks, you will still be talking about the puzzles and how you solved them.

2) You learn a lot about each other

True personalities are really on display on an escape room! If you have a friend who likes to take over, or a colleague who is shy, or a very creative family member, this will never be more evident than when you are playing an escape game. Psychology students have often remarked to us that they would love to come work with us as Games Masters, because it’s fascinating to see how different personalities interact with each other when they are tasked with solving issues.

3) There is something for everyone

Escape games can really bring everyone’s strengths to the fore. The more escape games you play, the better you get at them, and all players bring different experiences to the table. The logical and creative thinking and problem solving is quite varied, and most groups walk away feeling happy that everyone got to solve at least one thing.

4) It’s an activity that can be done indoors, and not weather dependant

There is nothing worse than planning an activity with a group of people and you are just hoping it doesn’t rain. This is especially true here in Ireland! Escape rooms are the perfect rainy day activity, but don’t forget that when it’s too hot outside, our basement rooms stay nice and cool as well.

5) After you do one, you will want to do many more!

Escape rooms are addicitive! The great thing about them is that they are EVERYWHERE now. If you are traveling to a new city or country and are looking for something to do that isn’t a museum, church, tour, or pub, the good news is you will likely find an escape room just by doing a quick Google search. And although we still encounter plenty of escape game newbies every day, we are delighted when experienced players tell us that they have played 20, 30, 50, or even 100 games!

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