Games For Hen & Stag Parties

Escape games are a fantastic way to kick off a hen, stag or sten party. They’re great for breaking the ice with newly found friends. Lots of people choose to do this great activity and before continuing on to a meal, bar or a show afterwards.

I'm planning my friend's hen/stag party and want to include this as part of our day out. How many of us can you accommodate?

At AdventureRooms Dublin we currently have 4 games: T4K3N, Mafia, World Trip & The Black Queen. T4K3N can accommodate up to 10 players when booked as a 5 v 5 duel, Mafia can accommodate up to 12 players when booked as a 6 v 6 duel, World Trip can accommodate up to 14 players when booked as a 7 v 7 duel & The Black Queen can accommodate up to 14 players when booked as a 7 v 7 duel. In order to accommodate a large group, it is necessary to book more than one game for the same time slot and the group will be divided between each game.  We can accomodate up to 40 people for any of our time slots once all 3 games are available. Please contact us via email or telephone for any assistance. +353 (1) 8727927

What do you mean by "duel" game?
For groups that are larger than 6-7 people, we offer the duel format in order to accommodate more players. This is where the game is split in half, and split into two 30-minute rounds instead of a classic one-hour game. You split your group up into two smaller teams and the game is split into two rounds of 30 minutes each. In the first round, Team A is trying to break into the room where Team B is playing, while Team B is trying to escape before Team A catches them. After this 1st round we re-set the game and the teams switch sides and play an additional 30 minutes. At the end of the game on team is declared the winner. The winner is determined by whoever escapes the quickest, or if no team escapes, it is whoever has completed the most number of puzzles.

Allow 90 minutes for your visit if you are playing a duel game

What is the price?

Please see our pricing page.  Price depends on the number of people you book, but it averages between 19-35 euro per person. For special celebrants, the birthday person or hen or stag come FREE, so when you are booking, please book for one less person than you would normally book for.

What is your availability?

You can check the availability on our “BOOK NOW” page – select the game and date that interests you, and the available games will appear in the drop-down menu.

I can't use my card to pay for everyone at once. Can everyone just pay separately for their game?

Payment is required at the time of booking to guarantee your appointment. The way it has worked successfully in the past is that one person gathers payment from the rest of the party and that person pays for the group. From an administrative standpoint, we cannot accept individual payments for one game – it must be paid as a whole.

I'm unsure of how many are coming. Can I provisionally book, or can you hold a spot for me until I am sure?
In order to secure a booking, payment is required in advance. We don’t hold spots or take provisional bookings. If you are unsure of how many people are coming, just book for less people than you are expecting to come. If more people show up, you can always pay the difference on the day.
What other activities do you offer?

We don’t have any other activities other than our games. Our games last roughly one hour. If you are playing a duel format game, please allow roughly 1.5 hours.

We would like to go get something to eat either before or after the game. Can you recommend anywhere nearby?

There are a number of places nearby. The Church Bar, The Black Sheep, Bar 1661, Oscar’s Cafe Smithfield , Doppio Zero, WigWam, Wallace’s Italian Tavern, are a few in the nearby Capel Street/Abbey Street/Smithfield areas.