I’m nervous. Is AdventureRooms safe? Absolutely!

We get asked this question a lot. There is nothing unsafe about our games. Many people come to us nervous at first because of the unexpected, and they always have a great time! AdventureRooms is 100% committed to the safety and well being of our customers & staff.
In almost 7 years in business, AdventureRooms has had thousands of people through our doors and has never had an incident in any of our games. Statistically, our escape games are 100% safe.
All our game rooms are fitted with smoke alarms, smoke detectors and emergency exit lighting which have all been fitted to the highest standard by certified electricians. Our fire control panels in place have been certified and commissioned by industry professionals. All of our fire extinguishers are periodically checked and maintained to the highest standards by an external company.
Once in a games room, players can leave when they want. Doors are NEVER locked and we have quick release systems in place where applicable to facilitate an easy exit at all times.
All games are monitored by our high quality CCTV systems which have been installed by a professional security company.
In 2018 we had a health & safety consultancy firm carry out a comprehensive health & safety risk assessment. AdventureRooms continues to employ the standards of the health & safety statement provided by the company on an ongoing basis to ensure safety for our customers and staff alike.
Please click here for an overview of our Health & safety risk assessment.
AdventureRooms has full public liability insurance which covers all participants while on our premises. A copy can be supplied on request by emailing us at