The “introductory-level” game with an escape rate of 30-35%. Original Swiss was the first game we built, invented in Switzerland by a Swiss science teacher and his brilliant students. We kept it true to the original: no gimmicks, just a series of really cool puzzles! Come play the game that made AdventureRooms one of the best escape games, worldwide!

Mafia has a fun gangster theme that you won’t soon forget! You have been captured by the mafia and are being held at their headquarters. The Big Boss has called a meeting to decide on how to “deal with you”. Escape seems impossible, but you must try! You have one hour to escape before they return and reveal your fate. (Some adult-themed puzzles, parental discretion advised).

World Trip has a fun, uplifting and happy travel theme. You’re going on your holidays! …But wait, not so fast, before you get there, you must solve all
the puzzles along the way and outsmart the game before you can finally get to your destination and bring back the treasure! Do you accept the challenge?

Are you curious about the lair of the Black Queen? In our most challenging game yet, you find yourself trapped in the Black
Queen’s dungeon. She has left strange objects around the room and it seems impossible to find your way out… Are you up for the challenge?


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Please Note: 2 and 3 player games are only available Monday through Thursday for most games. The Green Street Original Swiss can take 2 and 3 player games 7 days week.

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